Marilyn X Cosmetics

This collection is all about my cosmetics I handcraft with love just for you. We are not mass produced.


I understand how important it is to be different and standout in a crowd for it is our differences that make us unique. 

Every piece is handcrafted with every order. I am a small business with big dreams. As a single mom it is my goal to show my daughter that through determination and prayer anything is possible. Dreams do come true!

Marilyn X Cosmetics is an extension of me and my lifelong desire to be unique, not quite like everyone else. If you can identify with that this line is for you.

Check back often for new additions to this collection. I will be launching New LipTaffy colors, Matte LipTaffy, Mascara, Cheek colors and more...I’m full of surprises, come along for the ride!


Tatia, Creator 

Marilyn X Cosmetics


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